Air pollution and AQI level in the cities of India in Lockdown period.

What is air pollution?  Air Pollution takes place through contamination of noxious gases, and the undesirable substances.
Pollutants are Carbon-Di-Oxide, Carbon-Mono-Oxide, Sulfer-Di-Oxide, Sulfate, Sulfide, Nitrate and Nitrite.

Natural  sources as  well as man-made Sources are agents of  Air pollution.Natural sources such as volcanic eruptions, dust, and sand,  wild-fires, etc. A man-made resource such as smoke of the vehicles, industries, factories, nuclear explosions makes air polluted.
Effects of air pollution? An increase in air pollution harms the lung's function and it increases heart attacks. The pollutant of the atmosphere can do cause long -term, slow and chronic effects on health. It seriously harms materials crops and livestock. What is AQI? AQI is Air  Quantity Index for reporting daily. It is used by government agencies to inform the public about how clean or unhealthy our air.   The AQI  chart provides values of the AQI, Levels of Health Concern and Colors.
The val…

Significance and Power of Namaskar

How should we greet? There are different ways of Greetings amongst different culture across the world. In some countries people do a warm hand shake, In some parts they do with a hug. In India we do with a Namaste- with hands folded and head slightly lowered. What is meaning of Namaste ? Nameste is a Sanskrit word,which is made by two words Namah and te. Namah means to bow and te means to you. In Hindu religion Namaskar or Namaste is a way to show greeting.It is a way to show respect also.In this gesture we join both the palms infront of the chest and bow down our head. It is also kind of Mudra,which is known as Anjali Mudra in Yoga.
What is Anjali Mudra? In this Mudra joining of palms expresses the union of left and right.
In Vedic scripture,it is a way of showing respect to deity. By closing eyes,joining the both palms,we pay our gratitude to the Supreme.The Soul is the part of God.By joining the palms and bowing head,we honour the God which is in the person also.

  Why is Namaste …

Coronavirus,Covid-19,Measures to protect from Coronavirus.

What are Coronavirus? Coronavirus is a virus,which spread illness,in animals and humans.
What is COVID-19? COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by Corona Virus. How does it spread? When a virus suffering victim from this disease sneezes or coughs,a lot of droplets spread in the air or fall on the surface near him. The person who is near to him/ her inhale the droplets or touches the surface,when he touches his/ her face,eyes or mouth he can get the infection.
What are symptoms of COVID-19? The symptoms are similar to the viral infections like Common Cold,Cough,Influenza,Shortness of breadth and Fever. How can we protect us and our family members from COVID-19? We should develop a habit to clean our hands with soaps and water after doing any work. We should maintain at least 1 metre distance. We should avoid touching eyes,nose and mouth. We should make sure that people around us follow good respiratory hygiene.This means they should cover their mouths and noses with their bent elbow…
The International Women's Day The International women's Day is celebrated on 8th, March.The Day focused on elimination of
 discrimination against women .It also focused on helping women equal participation in
global development. It is for your kind information International Men's Day is also celebrated on November 19 each year.
Internatioal Women's Day theme is
Gender equility.

Our mission is to support women to earn on their own terms.Empower women through health education.
increase women knowledge for creativities.
Gender equality-
A Gender equal world can be healthier and wealthier and more harmonious. Indian history is full of those,who have broken gender barriers and worked hard and made progress in the different fields.
Arunima Sinha-She is the first female ampute to climb Mount Everst.She lost her leg in a train accident.But, she was succed to Climb Mount Everest.

Arati Saha-She became the first Indian Woman to swim across English Channel in the year 1959.She g…

Importance of Swastika.

Swastik is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Swastik word is deprived from Swastika meaning well-being and good luck.
It has been used since ancient time. It was a symbol,which was found on ancient Mesopotamian coinage.The  symbol is found in the archeological remains of Indus Valley Civilization also. It is believed the world's origin in the Vedas,known as the Swasti Mantra.It is a Symbolic form of Aum-Kar.It stands for peace,auspiciousness and brotherhood. The four arms of Swastik stands for four directions North,South,East and West.It also  symbolizes four aims of human life Dharma,Arth,Kama and Moksha.It signifies four Vedas Rig,Samaj Yajur and Artharva. The dots symbolize the soul existences in four places Heaven,Human,Animal and Hell. The Swastik is used during puja,rites and rituals by Hindus. They imprint this on new appliances,vehicles and home etc. It is a symbol of Harmony and success also.

Jal,Jivan and Hariyali

'Jal, Jivan and Hariyali' this slogan is given by Bihar Govt. to save our environment.  It is an initiative of our Chief-Minister to  create awarenesses among people of the state and drawing attentions of other state on this issue. The awareness is drawing by making human chain.Means  we all
are together on the issue of environment.
Environment is the sum total of all the external forces,influences and conditions,which affect the life,nature,behaviour and the growth,development and maturation of living organisation.
There is threat on the physical component of environment.Land is degraded,it is necessary to encourage to bring land under vegitative  cover.We should plant plants to save the greenery of the earth.
At this time,the use of ground water is an important issue. The community waste,the industrial waste and chemical waste have polluted our water surface and affected quality of the ground water. It is essential to restore the water quality. It is essential to find out t…

Ideas and Saying of Swami Vivekanand

Ideas and Saying of Swami Vivekanand:-The person,who introduced Vedanta and Philosophy of Yoga to the western world is our Guru Swami Vivekanand.He was born on 12,January 1863 in Kolkata.His teaching is valuable for us.His motivational speeches has motivated  not only the youth of India but also the whole world.
In the memory of the greatest spiritual leader,Let us have a look at his motivational ideas or saying on his birth anniversary today.
Swamiji's saying:-He said,"All the power of universe are already ours.It is we who put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.It means we don't use the power,we have.
"We  are what our thoughts that made us." Swamiji wanted to make us clear that we should think positively. "Talk  to yourself once in a,otherwise you may miss meeting an intelligent person in this world. In Swamiji's opinion we are the power house of all knowledge.So we should meditate some times . "The greatest sacrifice is when you sacr…