Development of Fine Motor Skills.

Fine motor refers to the movements children make with the small muscles of hands and legs.
We are discussing how,we can help a child in developing his/her fine muscles.
1.Give him/her building blocks to make a tower.
2.Give him/her clay to make balls,shapes of vegetables and fruits.
3.Help her/him to draw a circle herself/himself. 4.Help in making/copying a Cross. 5.Give him/her paper and scissor to cut into  it pieces. 6.Help him/her to button the shirt. 7.Guide him to eat with a fork and a spoon well. 8.Guide him/her in painting with fingers. 9.Help him/ her in paper folding activity,such as making a boat and an aeroplane. 10.Help him/her in drawing different shapes.It helps muscles for gripping. 11.Give him/ her a ball to squeeze. 12.Help him/her pasting pictures onto the paper. 13.Encourage him/her in Clapping. 14.Help him/her in closing containers,screw tops and plastic containers. 15.Help him/ her in fastening shoe laces.

Importance of Motor Skills.

Motor Skills are action that involve the movement in the body.These are the co ordination of muscles with brain.

These are classified into two groups.  Fine motor Skill- Movements involving smaller muscles group such as those are in wrist , fingers,toes,lips and tongue. Gross Motor Skills- It include the larger movements of arms,legs,feet and entire body. These skills develop mostly in the childhood.

Circle Time

Circle Time is a Teaching strategy. It helps teacher and students to communicate with each other about issues,which related with behavioral of children.
How to start Circle Time.
Starting it sit with children in a circle.You may sit in a classroom or in the play ground.Any where suitable for you. It is also called a group time, in which group of people are sitting together for an activity.It is special time to share finger plays,chants,rhymes,songs and play with instruments,read a story and participate in other activities.
Circle Time provides a time for listening,developing attention,promoting communication and learning new concepts and skills.It is interaction among children,teachers and resources used.
Teachers have power to make group time more effective and enjoyable for all involved.It is a type of class meeting,in which the whole class sits in a circle to look at issues relating to personal,Social,Moral and Health Education.
What are the benefits?
It provides a sense of fun an…

Education of Slow Learner.

Who are Slow Learners?
Those students are called slow learners,who have limited ability in the education Process.
Reasons for Slow Learning?
There are different reasons for slow learners. Some children's mental abilities are slow. Some children's parents are illiterate,they don't understand educational process.Some students are from poor background.
Signs of Slow learners:-
Language development problem.
Understanding problems.
Reading problems.
Slow responses in decision making.
Their Vocabulary is limited.
Slow learners should be smartly handled by the teachers. They should know the problems of the students and try to remove the problems by good teaching methods. They should be taught by Play Way Method.In which they give chance to the children learn by performing and doing activities.
They should be taught by mother tongue.
Teachers should use flash cards and Teaching Learning Materials for improving the learning of slow learners.

Problematic Children can be changed.

Problematic children are difficult to educate and raise.They have behavioral problems.They don't wish the teachers,when they meet with them.They don't follow the classroom instructions.
But a teacher should n't lose hope in handling them.After handling smartly,we can change the behaviour of these children.
In 20 years of my teaching experience in school, I have changed the behaviour of a number of Problematic Children by following methods.
Following are the ways to change Problematic Children and their behaviour.
1. By giving them love. We should n't react to their ill behaviour.
2. We should stay positive.
3 We should n't get annoyed.
4.Encourage them,when they do something.
5.We should  motivate them through
our kind words..
We should explain their  wrong habits indirectly through stories and morals.
7..We should  help them to acquire new skills.
 8.We should  involve them in new activities.
8.We should set goals for them to achieve.
9.After reaching the goal,we…

Be a Pre-Primary and Primary Teacher

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The Course is divided into three levels.
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