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Home Work and Role of parents in its assistance.

Home Work is as essential as Class Work.Occupation is the one secret of a good and healthy moral life.
Homework is an occupation given by the principles. It gives opportunity of doing the work unaided and yet successfully, will develop self-reliance and make possible greater confidence for the higher tasks.

How one should help his/her child in doing homework?
Parental care is necessary in completing the homework.
Parents should provide help to their children in doing homework.

1. You should  know about the school curriculum and homework policies of the school. You should know how to involve.

2. Set up a home work doing place. There should be a small table with a small chair. You should have a chair for self also. Please sit beside. When the child does his/her homework.

3. A fix time should be scheduled for doing homework. It should be after snack and before dinner.

4. Break up the homework into manageable chunks. Break is necessary for doing homework.

5. Keep the child away from TV o…

Importance of Rangoli on Diwali

As we know that Diwali is the festival of lights. We also make Rangoli of different patterns in our house. Rangoli manifests into vibrations in the visitor's mind whenever somebody visits the house.

Rangoli is also considered auspicious to draw in Hindu Dharma. It is believed to have spiritual perspective and benefits.
Rangoli is of two main types: Form dominant and ornamental. In form dominant we draw circles and cones while in ornamental flowers, leaves etc are given importance.
As we know Diwali is approaching, so let's welcome this festival of lights with utmost joy and desires in our heart. In Hindu religion every gesture and custom is a symbol with a very deep and clear meaning. At the entrance of house, it is made to prevent bad evils too.

NCERT Objectives of Pre -Primary Education.

NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training has published A  for Nursery Schools Teachers(1978).In that publication broad objetives of Nursery
Schools are published as following.
1.Development of Physical health and Motor skills.Nursery Schools should provide our door equipment for the development of the large muscles of children.There should be See-Saws,Sides and Sings in the Nursery Schools.Besides these the school should provide a lot of activities like cutting,posting,reading,drawing and painting.Other activities like threading heads and neele work should be also encouraged.
2.Development of Good health habits-Developing good health habits and to build up basic skills,there should be activities like toileting and washing hands at regular hours.Brushing teeth,Combing the hair and talking bath activities should be en courage through free conversation,stories and property.
3.Development of emotional maturity- The child should be guided,how to control his/ her feeling…

Qualities of a Successful Teacher.

Teaching job is not "a bed of roses."To become a successful teacher physical,intellectual and social qualities are pre-requisite.Teachers should have following qualities:-
Sound Physical Health- He/ She should have
sound Physical health.This will make him alert,cheerful,happy and dynamic.
Mental Health- The mental health of teacher should be sound.He/She should provide love and care to children and have passion to create interest among children.
Character-His/Her conduct should be right in thought,word and deed,the students by his/her association learn virtue and develop many qualities.
Personality-The teachers should have a good personality,radiant,pleasing, impressive personal appearance,refinement,pleasant manners,enthasiasm etc. Social adjustment-The teachers should know how to adjust himself/herself to the social surroundings.He/She should be free from worry,anexity,thinking and feeling about himself/herself. Professional Efficiency-A teacher should possess a strong se…

Managing problem behaviour of child in the school.

The cure of problematic children behaviour  in the school demands the removal of all objectionable elements from the school atmosphere.
Schools can adopt the following measures for the cure of problematic behaviour in the children. 1.Appropriate Curriculum-The curriculum should be balanced and appropriate. So that, students feel no too much strain,but at the same time curriculum should provide them with a variety of knowledge. 2.Presentation of Lesson Plan in an interesting way- If the lesson plan is presented in an interesting way,it helps to draw the attention of problematic child towards study. 3.Systematic use of educational apparatus.- Systematic and proper use of Teaching Aid is necessary.If the teachers use teaching aid properly,children involve in these completely and they have no time to create problems in the class. Arrangement of extra curricular programmes-Extra curricular activities such as picnic,touring camps,singing,dancing and debate prevent problematic behaviour in …

Problem Child and his Problematic Behaviour

Problem Child refers to a child,who is particularly difficult to raise or educate.He/She poses anti social and disruptive behaviour.In the other words, A child who have  problematic behaviours is known  as problem child.The class includes all the juveniles,whose character or personality shows some signs of abnormality.This condition includes stealing,lying,teasing,annoying,running away from home,running away from school and arriving late to school.
Symptoms of behavioural disorders-(I)Easily getting annoyed,Being nervous,Putting blame on others,Refusing to follow rules or questioning authority.Arguing and having difficulty in handling frustration.
What causes Problematic Behaviour:-
(I)Hereditary include-Heriditary symptoms are some times adopted by the child.Physical,emotional or nervous defects are adopted by them. But sometimes these are caused by weakness.
(ii) Environment- Environment plays an important role in Problematic Behaviour of a child. Bad Company- The child adopts ste…

Factors affecting Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development:-
Cognitive connected with the process of understand.It relates or involves with the process of thinking and reasoning. It connects with thinking or conscious mental process.It is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses.

Factors to develop Cognitive development:- Children are curious enough to learn about the world.  Parents and teachers should create a healthy and engaging environment,so that children can develop their cognitive skills.Childrens need a loving environment for cognitive development.Praise, encoragement,kisses,hugs and pats are necessary to develop Cognitive skills. Physical Exercise and Activity are important for cognitive skills of a child. In physical exercise the child intakes fresh air,it helps to provide a healthier environment. Swimming is also an exercise,which help in fine and gross muscles. Sleep also helps in cognitive development.The child collects information eac…

How to handle a Slow learner or Backward child.

Who is a Slow Learner?Who is a Backward Child? A Slow Learner or Backward Child is,who falls far behind other children of his/her age in matters of study. His/ Her intelligence quotient is lower than the average child or children,who remain in the same class  for many years. This backwardness may be due to physical or mental weakness. .The physical and mental short comings in the child, result in emotional immaturity.The other reason of backwardness is defective atmosphere in the home.
Characteristics of Backward Child.
1.Slow growth and development.
2.Low intelligence.
3.Dependent Behaviour.
4.Lack of decision making abilities.
5.Anti Social tendencies.
Suggestion that have been found useful in guiding backward pupils:-
Curriculum should be easy for slow learner.The teachers should be smart enough to handle the slow learner.They need short and simple curriculum.
The methods of teaching should be specialised for slow learner.They should be encouraged to participate in extracurricular…