Managing problem behaviour of child in the school.

The cure of problematic children behaviour  in the school demands the removal of all objectionable elements from the school atmosphere.
Schools can adopt the following measures for the cure of problematic behaviour in the children.
1.Appropriate Curriculum-The curriculum should be balanced and appropriate. So that, students feel no too much strain,but at the same time curriculum should provide them with a variety of knowledge.
2.Presentation of Lesson Plan in an interesting way- If the lesson plan is presented in an interesting way,it helps to draw the attention of problematic child towards study.
3.Systematic use of educational apparatus.- Systematic and proper use of Teaching Aid is necessary.If the teachers use teaching aid properly,children involve in these completely and they have no time to create problems in the class.
Arrangement of extra curricular programmes-Extra curricular activities such as picnic,touring camps,singing,dancing and debate prevent problematic behaviour in children.
Self Discipline- Teachers should develop the habit of being self disciplined. This will help to increase a self of responsibility without being a burden upon them.
Harmony between Family and School- The atmosphere of family and school should be harmonised.
Means of healthy recreation- The child should be provided healthy means of recreation. So that he can enjoy himself without injuring his development.
Guidance- Children are often faced with problems,the solution of which is beyond their own ability.The school should provide students educational and vocational guidance.


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