Development of Fine Motor Skills.

Fine motor refers to the movements children make with the small muscles of hands and legs.
We are discussing how,we can help a child in developing his/her fine muscles.
1.Give him/her building blocks to make a tower.
2.Give him/her clay to make balls,shapes of vegetables and fruits.
3.Help her/him to draw a circle herself/himself.
4.Help in making/copying a Cross.
5.Give him/her paper and scissor to cut into  it pieces.
6.Help him/her to button the shirt.
7.Guide him to eat with a fork and a spoon well.
8.Guide him/her in painting with fingers.
9.Help him/ her in paper folding activity,such as making a boat and an aeroplane.
10.Help him/her in drawing different shapes.It helps muscles for gripping.
11.Give him/ her a ball to squeeze.
12.Help him/her pasting pictures onto the paper.
13.Encourage him/her in Clapping.
14.Help him/her in closing containers,screw tops and plastic containers.
15.Help him/ her in fastening shoe laces.


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