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Franchise for Pre School

Ipsha Kids Pre-School Start your own Pre-School Exclusively for Sub Urban and Urban areas of India. Early Learning Centre/Day Care/Kinder Garden. Under the umbrella of Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra,an N.G.O working for Early Child Hood Care and Education and Women Empowerment. 25 years Excellence in Education. When you start a Pre -School business,you will require hard work,commitment and a partner organisation,who provide complete knowledge of how to run a successful Pre-School.Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra is an N.G.O working on Early Education and Women Empowerment.For this it provides training and education.So,we are a right choice for you to make a partner organisation. Infrastructure and Design- We design the Pre-School for you,by sharing interior and exterior design. Researched Curriculum-Our Curriculum is developed on the basis of research on Early Child Care and Education.It contains work-sheets for each school day.We provide Daily Teaching Pla…

Importance of T.L.M for students.

Teaching Learning Material is a resource,which help teachers to present the lesson clearly.It is important,because it creates a visual and interactive experience for the students.It helps children in becoming more engaged,they understood the topic clearly.

Teaching Learning Materials are important in following ways:- Scopes of Opportunities- They can increase students learning.There are scopes or opportunities to explore the knowledge independently.These help in revision of lessons. Help in Lesson Planning-It helps in Lesson Planning and delivery of instructions. Fill Colours in Instructions-Learning Materials such as worksheets,homework assignments,colouring sheets,puzzle solving,teaching through flash cards fill colours in providing instructions. Easy to Create-Teaching Learning Materials are easy to create.It can significantly increase the contents of our teaching tool box. Student Learning Support-These materials are important,because they can significantly increase children lear…

Educational Thought of Swami Vivekanand

Swamiji's Educational Thought-"All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in your mind.The external world is only the suggestion,the occasion,which sets you to study your mind.
The falling of apple gave suggestion to Newton,and he studied his own mind.He rearranged all the precious links of thought in his mind and discovered a new link among them,which we call the law of Gravitation.
Swamiji presented a philosophy of education for man making.He condemned contemporary education system,the chief objection raised by him was that it turned men into slaves,capable of slavery and nothing else. According to Vivekanand the Aims of Education is:- 1.Self Development- In contrast to the contemporary system of education,he advocated education for self - development.He said,"By education I do not mean the present system,but something in the line of positive teaching.Mere book learning won't do.We want the education…

Need of Health Education.

Health Education is necessary for promotion of Health.Health Promotion is necessary for normal health.Parents and Teachers should care the health of children.
In Pre-Primary and Primary Classes by providing Health Education,we develop personal hygiene and Community hygiene habits among children.We encourage them to eat proper type of food in proper quantities,do exercise,take rest and sleep on time.In health education there should be workshop conducted for the parents on how to care the teeth,skin,hair,hands and eyes of children.
Parents should design a time table in which early sleeping hours and early rising hours should be maintained.Immunisation for specific disease is required for children.Parents should help their children in immunization.
Parents and teachers should help  children in using protective alliance such as mosquito neta,fly proof and mosquito repllement.For personal hygiene care should be taken in the school as well as home.Hand wash activities should be performed i…