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Play Way Method of Education

Play Way Method:- Play  Way Method is introduced by Cald Well Cook. The intention of Play Way Method is to make education natural,free,amusing and interesting.The Play Way method leads to the importance of Play in the process of education.
This method gives useful employment to the children in the form of Play.Children  should be allowed free and independent development in schools. The teachers play the role of guide. The base of a child is often overlooked but actually it needs immense attention. It enables the child to improve various skills like motor,imaginative,creative, aesthetics,cognitive and linguistics etc. A practical approach helps in easy learning for the child.The complete atmosphere of freedom is conductive for learning. Learning methods used should be related to real life rather than books. It turns entire learning into fun element by involving play in it. It develops the feeling of satisfaction among children. Every child is given equal exposure and ample of opportun…

How to prepare a Lesson Plan.

Making an effective lesson plan is a challenge for teachers. The goal of teaching,is to motivate students to learn and retain as much as possible. This blog will provide some ideas to make a lesson plan,that will help you to get the most out of your class.
Following are steps to make a lesson plan. 1.Know the goal to achieve through the plan.-The goal or objective should be simple. 2. Plan your timeline.- Break the lesson into sections. You will use 40 minutes class as an example.- 9.00 to 9.05- Warm up. Bring class into focus and recap Previous class discussion. 9.05 to 9.10- Give the Introduction of Lesson of today's class. 9.10 to 9.20- Give the Presentation of Lesson through board and TLM.Use multiple students interaction sessions. 9.20 to 9.30- Practice session.  Give some task to do in the class. 9.30 to 9.40-Check previous papers.Assign home work and dismiss the class.

Gross Motor Skills.

Gross Motor Skill is developed by developing large muscles. For this,we should provide children activities those will help to strengthen their gross  motor skills. These skills are developed by the movement of whole body.
There are a number of activities to help in development of gross motor skills.
1.Throwing the ball,Catching the ball and kicking the ball.
2.Climbing on a Slide,on a ladder and on a jungle gym.
3.Swinging on a swing. 4 .Skipping 5.Stepping and Shopping. 5.Walking on a wheel barrow and walking on uneven surface.
6.Balancing the body. Standing with one foot on a ball. 9.Swimming in a tub. Paddling a tricycle.

These skills are mostly developed in the childhood.

Development of Fine Motor Skills.

Fine motor refers to the movements children make with the small muscles of hands and legs.
We are discussing how,we can help a child in developing his/her fine muscles.
1.Give him/her building blocks to make a tower.
2.Give him/her clay to make balls,shapes of vegetables and fruits.
3.Help her/him to draw a circle herself/himself. 4.Help in making/copying a Cross. 5.Give him/her paper and scissor to cut into  it pieces. 6.Help him/her to button the shirt. 7.Guide him to eat with a fork and a spoon well. 8.Guide him/her in painting with fingers. 9.Help him/ her in paper folding activity,such as making a boat and an aeroplane. 10.Help him/her in drawing different shapes.It helps muscles for gripping. 11.Give him/ her a ball to squeeze. 12.Help him/her pasting pictures onto the paper. 13.Encourage him/her in Clapping. 14.Help him/her in closing containers,screw tops and plastic containers. 15.Help him/ her in fastening shoe laces.

Importance of Motor Skills.

Motor Skills are action that involve the movement in the body.These are the co ordination of muscles with brain.

These are classified into two groups.  Fine motor Skill- Movements involving smaller muscles group such as those are in wrist , fingers,toes,lips and tongue. Gross Motor Skills- It include the larger movements of arms,legs,feet and entire body. These skills develop mostly in the childhood.

Circle Time

What is Circle Time? Circle Time is a Teaching strategy. It helps teacher and students to communicate with each other about issues,which related with behavioral of children.It is also called group time,when a group of people are sitting together for an activity involving everyone.
How to start a Circle Time?
Starting it sit with children in a circle.You may sit in a classroom or in the play ground.Any where suitable for you. It is also called a group time, in which group of people are sitting together for an activity.It is special time to share finger plays,chants,rhymes,songs and play with instruments,read a story and participate in other activities.
Circle Time provides a time for listening,developing attention,promoting communication and learning new concepts and skills.It is interaction among children,teachers and resources used.
Teachers have power to make group time more effective and enjoyable for all involved.It is a type of class meeting,in which the whole class sits in a cir…