Play Way Method of Education

Play Way Method:-

Play  Way Method is introduced by Cald Well Cook. The intention of Play Way Method is to make education natural,free,amusing and interesting.The Play Way method leads to the importance of Play in the process of education.
This method gives useful employment to the children in the form of Play.Children 
should be allowed free and independent development in schools. The teachers play the role of guide. The base of a child is often overlooked but actually it needs immense attention. It enables the child to improve various skills like motor,imaginative,creative, aesthetics,cognitive and linguistics etc.
A practical approach helps in easy learning for the child.The complete atmosphere of freedom is conductive for learning.
Learning methods used should be related to real life rather than books.
It turns entire learning into fun element by involving play in it. It develops the feeling of satisfaction among children. Every child is given equal exposure and ample of opportunities for learning and participation.


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