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Education of Slow Learner.

Who are Slow Learners?
Those students are called slow learners,who have limited ability in the education Process.S/he needs some extra
time and help in regular Class room.S/he is one,who learns at a slower rate than average rate.They are not ready to learn something without proper understanding.
They are slow because they have more questions.The teacher is continuously challenged by slow learners.
Reasons for Slow Learning?
There are different reasons for slow learners. Some children's mental abilities are slow. Some children's parents are illiterate,they don't understand educational process.Some students are from poor background.
Signs of Slow learners:-
Slow Learners have Poor Memory and
Language development problem.
Understanding problems.
Reading problems.
Slow responses in decision making.
Their Vocabulary is limited.They are immature in their relation with others.They perform poorly in school.It is difficult for them to perform multi complex problems.
They do not pe…

Problematic Children can be changed.

Problematic children are difficult to educate and raise.They have behavioral problems.They don't wish the teachers,when they meet with them.They don't follow the classroom instructions.
But a teacher should n't lose hope in handling them.After handling smartly,we can change the behaviour of these children.
In 20 years of my teaching experience in school, I have changed the behaviour of a number of Problematic Children by following methods.
Following are the ways to change Problematic Children and their behaviour.
1. By giving them love. We should n't react to their ill behaviour.
2. We should stay positive.
3 We should n't get annoyed.
4.Encourage them,when they do something.
5.We should  motivate them through
our kind words..
We should explain their  wrong habits indirectly through stories and morals.
7..We should  help them to acquire new skills.
 8.We should  involve them in new activities.
8.We should set goals for them to achieve.
9.After reaching the goal,we…

Be a Pre-Primary and Primary Teacher

Be the Pre- Primary Teacher's and Primary Teacher's by doing Courses offered by Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra,a leading N.G.O working for Women Empowerment. If  you want to teach kids of age group 2 to 12, than this course that is designed by experience teachers and trainers will be the right choice for you. Pre Primary Teachers,who are certified are high demand nowadays in schools.Once you complete the course successfully, you will be teach from Nursery to Class V in any institution.
The Course is divided into three levels.
1.The Certificate Course provides a basic guidance of teaching children to the aspirant teachers.It comprises of Child Psychology, Development stages among children,Educational Philosophy, Lesson Planning,as well as Classroom Management.
2.The Diploma Course is an advanced level course that offers an additional insight into the world of Pre-School and Primary level teachers.The Case Studies,as well as the research work associated with the course make teachers…

Be creative through N.T.T.

Nursery Teacher's Training Program makes you creative.You learn paper work,Painting and Drawing every thing in this course.

Why Nursery Teacher's Training is the need of time.

Nursery Teacher's Training is a course,which is suitable for adolescent girls and women.
Benefits of the Nursery Teacher's Training Course.
1.This is the course,which nurtures the skills of the trainees and help them to understand changing scenarios in the educational world.

 2.This course nurtures the trainees,with different colours.They focus on different class room activities,Communication skills and Role Plays.

3.It is a course,where every day trainees plan a new activity.
 4.They learn every,child is different in every aspect.They learn, how to deal with the children,who come from different groups.
5.They spend their valuable time to serve the children communities,who need their special care.

Nursery Teacher's Training Institute in Patna

Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra is running Nursery Teacher's Training in Patna with the collaboration of Indira Gandhi School of Education (
Key Features:-
Eligible for School Jobs.
No age bar.
Courses are available in English and Hindi.
Fee is Negotiable.
Regular/ Evening/ Weekend classes available.
Gap in study accepted.
Fee is Negotiable.( Special consideration in the fee of economically deprived class.)
Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra
House no-422
Road no-2
Sanjay Gandhi Nagar

Women Empowerment through Ipsha.

Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra is working on women empowerment and empowered more than 500 women.

Women Empowerment refers empowering women. We empower them by our education and training  program.  So that they get better opportunities in the field of employment. Our training program helps a woman in being trained and financially independent and enjoying a good social status.

Welcome to Our N.G.O

Ipsha Samaj Kalyan Kendra is a registered N.G.O of Patna, Bihar. It is running women empowerment & children education programs since 2012. It has empowered & helped more than 1000 adolescent girls & women in being self reliant. It is running:- Ipsha mateshwari nursery teacher's Training centre.Ipsha certificate course in pre-primary teacher education.Ipsha tailoring & stitching course.