Education of Slow Learner.

Who are Slow Learners?
Those students are called slow learners,who have limited ability in the education Process.S/he needs some extra
time and help in regular Class room.S/he is one,who learns at a slower rate than average rate.They are not ready to learn something without proper understanding.
They are slow because they have more questions.The teacher is continuously challenged by slow learners.
Reasons for Slow Learning?
There are different reasons for slow learners. Some children's mental abilities are slow. Some children's parents are illiterate,they don't understand educational process.Some students are from poor background.
Signs of Slow learners:-
Slow Learners have Poor Memory and
Language development problem.
Understanding problems.
Reading problems.
Slow responses in decision making.
Their Vocabulary is limited.They are immature in their relation with others.They perform poorly in school.It is difficult for them to perform multi complex problems.
They do not perform at a fix time.The children,who achieve a full score between 70 to 85 on formal I.Q Test are called Slow Learner.
How to handle a Slow Learner Child:-
Slow  learners should be smartly handled by the teachers. They should know the problems of the students and try to remove the problems by good teaching methods. They should be taught by Play Way Method.In which they get chance to  learn by performing and doing activities.
They should be taught by mother tongue.
Teachers should use flash cards and Teaching Learning Materials for improving the learning of slow learners.
They should be given meaningful Concrete activities rather than Abstract.Teachers should repeat each learning point more than two or three times.They should use audio and visual aids.They should use real life examples,when teaching.Teach reading skills.Give your class lessons on study skills.Slow learners should be praised after completing the task.
Parents of Slow Learner should work closely with the teacher.
Slow Learner Child should be encouraged to explore areas of interest to him/her.
They should be provided varied experience.
A positive competition should be conducted for them.Varied experience should be provided to them.A range of teaching  activities are needed for them.


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