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Why women empowerment is necessary? Reasons why every woman should be financially independent.  What is Women Empowerment? Women Empowerment is a necessity for the development of a society. When women are empowered, whole society benefits. They bring change in society. Educating them about healthcare and advance technology promote healthier and advance families. Unfortunately, they are not getting enough recognition for house chores and home maintenance. As this work is unpaid, they are not considered as working persons in our society. For the empowerment, it is necessary to be financially independent. It is required to recognise, that they are equally intelligent, have talent and they are agent to bring overall development of society. To reduce scope of sexual expoitation and domestic violence women empowerment is necessary.  Reasons why every woman should be financially independent:-                        Financially Independent gives Happiness:- Women also deserve to be happy. Ea…

Divisibility rules of Prime Numbers.

Divisibility Rules of Prime Numbers:- Prime Numbers are those numbers,which have only two factors 1 and number itself. Numbers such as:-2,3,5,7,11 are  Prime Numbers. Divisibility rule of 2:-A number is divisible by 2,if the digit in the ones place is,0,2,4,6 or 8,that is even number. Ex-12,230 are divisible by 2. The first number is 12, 2 is in its ones place. It is divisible by 2. The second number is 230,0 is in its ones place,so the number is divisible by 2.
Divisibility rule of 3:- A number is divisible by 3,if the sum of numbers is divisible by 3. Ex.132,306.The sum of number is 1+3+2=6,6 is divisible by 3,so the number 132 is divisible by 3.The second number is 306,the sum of number is 3+0+6=9, 9 is divisible by 3,so the number 306 is divisible by 3.
Divisibility rule of 5:- The number is divisible by 5,if it's ones place has 5 or 0. Ex-105,210.These numbers are divisible by 5.105 is ended with 5 and 210 is ended with 0,These two numbers are divisible by 5. Divisible by 7:…

Cognitive Development among Children.

Cognitive Development in children:- Meaning of Cognitive Development:-
Cognitive Development is the construction of thought process,including paying attention,remembering,memorizing,thinking and decision-making from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.
Cognitive development in children involves building of learning skills such as attention,memory and thinking.Cognitive Skills are learned.It can be improved with practice and right training.
Attention-To develop this skill, the children should take to zoo,park and other places. After than questions should be asked such as What animals had you seen in the zoo?What animal was your favourite?Where was the animal in the zoo? Where did you sit in the park?Through these questions,we draw the attention of children towards the point,they should pay closer attention. Memory-As the children grow their memory increase,when the children are younger than five years of age,they have difficulty in retention of long term memory. But as a child …