Why women empowerment is necessary? Reasons why every woman should be financially independent. 

What is Women Empowerment?

Women Empowerment is a necessity for the development of a society. When women are empowered, whole society benefits. They bring change in society. Educating them about healthcare and advance technology promote healthier and advance families. Unfortunately, they are not getting enough recognition for house chores and home maintenance. As this work is unpaid, they are not considered as working persons in our society. For the empowerment, it is necessary to be financially independent. It is required to recognise, that they are equally intelligent, have talent and they are agent to bring overall development of society. To reduce scope of sexual expoitation and domestic violence women empowerment is necessary. 

Reasons why every woman should be financially independent:-                        Financially Independent gives Happiness:-

Women also deserve to be happy. Each woman is entitled to get happiness.In this materialistic age     many of the things that make us happy cost money. Everyone wants a new dress,  wants to purchase things as her own will. Some wants to donate to a social cause that she deeply cares   about.
These all needs money.

Taking the pressure off the Head of the family:-

It is financially unreasonable for an entire family to depend on a single bread winner. 
It pressurize the earning member and also put pressure on dependents.They always feel money crisis.

Being financial independent gives a woman the power to choose to live her life the way she wants.There is nothing more liberating than being able to support herself entirely on her own. A woman who has her own saving and ability to support herself, children depend on them.

  Rescue from Misfortunes in Life-
Misfortunes in life resulting from divorce ,Sudden demise,illness of a spouse and unemployment can be infinitely more difficult for a women. If she is financially free,than she faces these situation smartly.
          So,women empowerment is the need of time.



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