Problematic Children can be changed.

Problematic children are difficult to educate and raise.They have behavioral problems.They don't wish the teachers,when they meet with them.They don't follow the classroom instructions.
But a teacher should n't lose hope in handling them.After handling smartly,we can change the behaviour of these children.
In 20 years of my teaching experience in school, I have changed the behaviour of a number of Problematic Children by following methods.
Following are the ways to change Problematic Children and their behaviour.
1. By giving them love. We should n't react to their ill behaviour.
2. We should stay positive.
3 We should n't get annoyed.
4.Encourage them,when they do something.
5.We should  motivate them through
our kind words..
We should explain their  wrong habits indirectly through stories and morals.
7..We should  help them to acquire new skills.
 8.We should  involve them in new activities.
8.We should set goals for them to achieve.
9.After reaching the goal,we should give reward.
After, Planning above way, we may change a Problematic Child.


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