How to prepare a Lesson Plan.

Making an effective lesson plan is a challenge for teachers. The goal of teaching,is to motivate students to learn and retain as much as possible. This blog will provide some ideas to make a lesson plan,that will help you to get the most out of your class.
Following are steps to make a lesson plan.
1.Know the goal to achieve through the plan.-The goal or objective should be simple.
2. Plan your timeline.- Break the lesson into sections.
You will use 40 minutes class as an example.-
9.00 to 9.05- Warm up. Bring class into focus and recap Previous class discussion.
9.05 to 9.10- Give the Introduction of Lesson of today's class.
9.10 to 9.20- Give the Presentation of Lesson through board and TLM.Use multiple students interaction sessions.
9.20 to 9.30- Practice session.  Give some task to do in the class.
9.30 to 9.40-Check previous papers.Assign home work and dismiss the class. 


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