Gross Motor Skills.

Gross Motor Skill is developed by developing large muscles. For this,we should provide children activities those will help to strengthen their gross  motor skills. These skills are developed by the movement of whole body.
There are a number of activities to help in development of gross motor skills.
1.Throwing the ball,Catching the ball and kicking the ball.
2.Climbing on a Slide,on a ladder and on a jungle gym.
3.Swinging on a swing.
4 .Skipping
5.Stepping and Shopping.
5.Walking on a wheel barrow and walking on uneven surface.

6.Balancing the body. Standing with one foot on a ball.
9.Swimming in a tub.
Paddling a tricycle.

These skills are mostly developed in the childhood.


  1. Indeed Gross motor skill is necessary for growing children, this blog is increasing my knowledge in conducting classes. Also I'm assessing my students as per their motor skill. Keep posting. Thank you.


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