Importance of T.L.M for students.

Teaching Learning Material is a resource,which help teachers to present the lesson clearly.It is important,because it creates a visual and interactive experience for the students.It helps children in becoming more engaged,they understood the topic clearly.

Teaching Learning Materials are important in following ways:-
Scopes of Opportunities- They can increase students learning.There are scopes or opportunities to explore the knowledge independently.These help in revision of lessons.
Help in Lesson Planning-It helps in Lesson Planning and delivery of instructions.
Fill Colours in Instructions-Learning Materials such as worksheets,homework assignments,colouring sheets,puzzle solving,teaching through flash cards fill colours in providing instructions.
Easy to Create-Teaching Learning Materials are easy to create.It can significantly increase the contents of our teaching tool box.
Student Learning Support-These materials are important,because they can significantly increase children learning.
Help to retain concept permanently-Proper use of Learning Material helps to retain the learning permanently.
Develop students interest towards learning- It create the environment.The children take great interest seeing the TLM,which are made by teachers.
Proper use of senses-It draws attention towards presentation,they pay attention towards learning.
Senses Time and Money-It helps in saving time and money.These materials are prepared by teachers,with the things easily available.
Avoid dullness - The TLM makes children creative.They conquer on dullness.


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