Problem Child and his Problematic Behaviour

 Problem Child refers to a child,who is particularly difficult to raise or educate.He/She poses anti social and disruptive behaviour.In the other words, A child who have  problematic behaviours is known  as problem child.The class includes all the juveniles,whose character or personality shows some signs of abnormality.This condition includes stealing,lying,teasing,annoying,running away from home,running away from school and arriving late to school.
Symptoms of behavioural disorders-(I)Easily getting annoyed,Being nervous,Putting blame on others,Refusing to follow rules or questioning authority.Arguing and having difficulty in handling frustration.
What causes Problematic Behaviour:-
(I)Hereditary include-Heriditary symptoms are some times adopted by the child.Physical,emotional or nervous defects are adopted by them. But sometimes these are caused by weakness.
(ii) Environment- Environment plays an important role in Problematic Behaviour of a child. Bad Company- The child adopts stealing,smoking and lying from his/her friend if he/she falls in bad company.
Atmosphere at Home- If the atmosphere at home is defective and contaminated the child loses the love and attention of parents and he adopts bad manners or uncivilized behaviours.
Atmosphere in School- If the teachers present abnormal behaviour,when the child studies in school,the child also gains problematic behaviour. The Teachers'  improper presentation of lessons,immoral ideals,the disgusting method of teaching and absence of recreation help to develop problematic behaviour among children.


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