NCERT Objectives of Pre -Primary Education.

NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training has published A  for Nursery Schools Teachers(1978).In that publication broad objetives of Nursery
Schools are published as following.
1.Development of Physical health and Motor skills.Nursery Schools should provide our door equipment for the development of the large muscles of children.There should be See-Saws,Sides and Sings in the Nursery Schools.Besides these the school should provide a lot of activities like cutting,posting,reading,drawing and painting.Other activities like threading heads and neele work should be also encouraged.
2.Development of Good health habits-Developing good health habits and to build up basic skills,there should be activities like toileting and washing hands at regular hours.Brushing teeth,Combing the hair and talking bath activities should be en courage through free conversation,stories and property.
3.Development of emotional maturity- The child should be guided,how to control his/ her feelings and emotions.When the child takes admission in Nursery Schools,he/she has no emotional control,he/she can hardly wait for his/her turn.By the proper and careful handling by the teacher, he gains better emotional control.
4.Development of desirable social attitude and manners.The teacher guides the child,how to wish. The children are encouraged by sharing playing materials or food with other children.They learn to work in groups.
5.Development of aesthetic value-The children are encouraged to appreciate beauty in the environment.They should be encouraged to interact with nature.
6.Development of intellectual curiosity-The child of play school should be encouraged to investigate,experiment and draw his/her own conclusion rather than remain satisfied with ready made answers.
7.Development of languages-The child should be encouraged to develop ability to express his/her thoughts and feelings influent,correct and clear speech.It should be developed by reading the story books,encouraging free conversation,encouraging to talk in a group.The Nursery School should include a large number of activities involving free use of languages.
8.Encouraging Independence and Creativity-The Nursery School should give a child opportunities for self expression.Through painting,music,drama or puppet show, a child is encouraged to express himself/herself in the Nursery School.


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