Jal,Jivan and Hariyali

'Jal, Jivan and Hariyali' this slogan is given by Bihar Govt. to save our environment.  It is an initiative of our Chief-Minister to
 create awarenesses among people of the state and drawing attentions of other state on this issue. The awareness is drawing by making human chain.Means  we all
are together on the issue of environment.
Environment is the sum total of all the external forces,influences and conditions,which affect the life,nature,behaviour and the growth,development and maturation of living organisation.
There is threat on the physical component of environment.Land is degraded,it is necessary to encourage to bring land under vegitative  cover.We should plant plants to save the greenery of the earth.
At this time,the use of ground water is an important issue. The community waste,the industrial waste and chemical waste have polluted our water surface and affected quality of the ground water. It is essential to restore the water quality. It is essential to find out the suitable strategies for conservation of water.Deep wells should be dug to get ground water.
Air pollution is also increasing at the high rate.Steps should be taken to check Air pollution.Acts for industries should be enforced to prevent gaseous pollution. Population should be controlled.The awareness should be increased to use public transport.
When we are drawing attention on these
We think children, women and men all will come forward to save our environment.A small step of each will help to save the environment. By educating we can control land pollution,Air pollution and Water pollution.

A good step to create awareness among school goers,workers and others. We all should work together to save Jal,Vayu and Hariyali'.


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