Importance of Swastika.

Swastik is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Swastik word is deprived from Swastika meaning well-being and good luck.
It has been used since ancient time. It was a symbol,which was found on ancient Mesopotamian coinage.The  symbol is found in the archeological remains of Indus Valley Civilization also.
It is believed the world's origin in the Vedas,known as the Swasti Mantra.It is a Symbolic form of Aum-Kar.It stands for peace,auspiciousness and brotherhood.
The four arms of Swastik stands for four directions North,South,East and West.It also  symbolizes four aims of human life Dharma,Arth,Kama and Moksha.It signifies four Vedas Rig,Samaj Yajur and Artharva.
The dots symbolize the soul existences in four places Heaven,Human,Animal and Hell.
The Swastik is used during puja,rites and rituals by Hindus. They imprint this on new appliances,vehicles and home etc.
It is a symbol of Harmony and success also.


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