Air pollution and AQI level in the cities of India in Lockdown period.

What is air pollution?

 Air Pollution takes place through contamination of noxious gases, and the undesirable substances.
Pollutants are Carbon-Di-Oxide, Carbon-Mono-Oxide, Sulfer-Di-Oxide, Sulfate, Sulfide, Nitrate and Nitrite.

Natural  sources as  well as man-made
Sources are agents of 
Air pollution.Natural sources such as volcanic eruptions, dust, and sand,  wild-fires, etc. A man-made resource such as smoke of the vehicles, industries, factories, nuclear explosions makes air polluted.

Effects of air pollution?

An increase in air pollution harms the lung's function and it increases heart attacks.

The pollutant of the atmosphere can do cause long -term, slow and chronic effects on health. It seriously harms materials crops and livestock.

What is AQI?

AQI is Air  Quantity Index for reporting daily. It is used by government agencies to inform the public about how clean or unhealthy our air. 
 The AQI  chart provides values of the AQI, Levels of Health Concern and Colors.

The value of AQI  level 0 to 50  shows the level is  Good for health concern. It is showed by Green color.
The AQI level 51 to 100 shows the level is Moderate. It is showed by Yellow color.
The AQI level 101 to 200 shows the level is Unhealthy. It is showed in red color.
The AQI level 201  to 300  is Very unhealthy.
 It is showed a purple color.
The AQI level 301 to 500  is very Hazardous. It is showed by Maroon Color.
The air improves dramatically in four metros cities in India. The AQI of Delhi was  300 on  21 St March 2020, the highest in the past seven days, recorded to 40 on March 24, 2020.
In Mumbai, it was the highest 306 on March 21  and recorded 36  on March 22.
Kolkata, the highest AQI 191 on March 19 and the lowest 33 on March 23 and 24.
In Chennai, the AQI was 274 on March 22 and the lowest 25  on March 25.
  Patna's air quality was the worst 402 AQI on November 20, 2019, Today it is recorded 79.
Amidst all the negative news, there is positive news about our atmosphere. The AQI is satisfactory these days.


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