Significance and Power of Namaskar

How should we greet?

There are different ways of Greetings amongst different culture across the world.
In some countries people do a warm hand shake, In some parts they do with a hug.
In India we do with a Namaste- with hands folded and head slightly lowered.

What is meaning of Namaste ?

Nameste is a Sanskrit word,which is made by two words Namah and te. Namah means to bow and te means to you.
In Hindu religion Namaskar or Namaste is a way to show greeting.It is a way to show respect also.In this gesture we join both the palms infront of the chest and bow down our head. It is also kind of Mudra,which is known as Anjali Mudra in Yoga.

What is Anjali Mudra?

In this Mudra joining of palms expresses the union of left and right.
In Vedic scripture,it is a way of showing respect to deity. By closing eyes,joining the both palms,we pay our gratitude to the Supreme.The Soul is the part of God.By joining the palms and bowing head,we honour the God which is in the person also.

  Why is Namaste beneficial over hand shake?

It is a gesture offer
 to all,it symbolises that everyone is equal.We are all one.
It is a natural remedy for stress and anxiety.
It is used for meditation and spirituality.  It controls anger and brings peace of mind.
It helps to remove all the nervousness from the body.Scientists have proves it brings harmony and peace in our life.

Why should we avoid to shake hand?
In hand shaking we touch the hands of other persons.We don't know if the other person's hand is clean or not.It is a way to spread germs.
So, several world leaders and others are now joining their hands to say Hello and Hi.  


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